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Blast away dirt and grime

Also known as shot blasting, sand blasting and blast cleaning, grit blasting involves the propulsion of different grades of abrasive material at the surface that's meant to be cleaned. From wood and stone to brick and metal, this compressed air force can clean a variety of surfaces. What you can expect from this service:

  • Removal of long term build-up of paint
  • Removal of surface corrosion
  • Creation of surface texture to which various coatings can be applied
Grit blasting can be used to clean steel work to recognised Swedish standards SA2, SA2.5, and SA3. By using different abrasives, we can undertake the cleaning and removal of existing surface coatings, oxidation, mill scale, and soluble salts, and general metal preparation.
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comprehensive cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning

 Depending on the specification, desired finish, environmental requirements and coating characteristics, we use both dry and wet methods of blasting.
industrial cleaning

High quality industrial services

We also offer protective coating and beam cleaning services throughout the UK. No job is too big or small for our team of experts.
For customised grit blasting services, call the team at Easter Commercial Ltd, Norfolk.
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